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Break down or break through.

Your practice is the ultimate laboratory for awakening. Your yoga mat is a place to invite in stress and meet in head-on. All the ingredients you need are there: the challenges, the resistance, the doubts, the frustrations, the fears, the possibilities. You challenge yourself on a physical level, and the mental resistances rush right up to the surface. At those moments you have a choice: You can either BREAK DOWN OR BREAK THROUG. Transcend your boundaries and grow. See those moments as opportunities for growth rather than signals to quit. That is the moment when you can transcend your boundaries and grow. These moments are precisely what develops strength and serenity. @

Un-learing process

Yoga is a remarkably effective “unlearning process”.

We have to unlearn our negative thoughts systems, our emotional patterns, our patterns of moving, breathing, and eating so that we can come back to our naturalness. 
On a deeper level, you awaken to cause and effect. You begin to understand that every action you take generates a result. You see that what you put out there dictates what you get in return. You really start to get that your life circumstances are the sum total of decisions you made along the way, and that the only person who can ultimately transform your life is you, by operation from the deeper level of cause rather than trying to struggle with the surface effects. We all have a choice in life. When we awaken to this, we begin to live more consciously and at cause in other areas of our life: our diet, our health, our relationships, our career, our money. Its time to purify our body, rewire our minds, recharge our spiritual batteries, and awaken our inner power. As old habits and patterns dissolve, they release you. You will start thinking better, eating better and cultivating stillness inside.The strength of coming into stillness will open new doors to you.

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To really heal, we need to be willing to feel.

To really heal, we need to be willing to feel. 
Deal with the root of the problem, don’t rush to numb the discomfort. Shift your intentions to stay centered and allow your feelings to break through and see the options. Within the pain is the message we need in order to transform our lives. Healing comes in those moments when you look into your mind, observe your cravings, your excuses; let the real cause surface. Let whatever is there come up and then let it go, which leads to genuine healing. THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS.

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Your intuition is always, always right.

It is challenging, but the beauty of it is that each person can adapt in to suit his or her own body. Each body will take poses differently, and as you go through your practice you will begin to know when to push and when less is more, when to go for it and when to rest.
When you are fully present in your physical practice, you will know what your body needs.

The choice is always yours.

We get what we want through practice. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in the spiritual realm. You feel the truth of your lifestyle in your body. It’s right there. Your thoughts your reactions, your emotional patterns- they’re right there in your body. So as you come into all those asanas(postures), they are just tools for exploration, and then opportunity for release. Don’t give up in those difficult moments, stay open, relax and breathe, a breakthrough is right there on the other side. Design by, Gregory Ryan Klein @