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Bakasana, Crow Pose

Letting go means giving up attachment to results. When you understand that you don’t have to try hard, you can give up the fight for results, because you know that ultimately things will work out as they should. Desiring a certain goal in a pose and working to achieve it is different from trying to control the outcome. Just be willing to relax and let go. Know that if one door closes, five new doors will open up. That is true faith: trusting the natural ebb and flow of life.

Guys have the world to gain by practicing yoga. So what’s holding them back?

According to a 2005 Yoga Journal market study, 77 percent of the yoga practitioners in America are female. Getting men to identify with yoga has long been a challenge.

Sure enough, the first thing many men notice on entering a yoga studio is that they’re in foreign territory. Pensive women readying for class sets as strong a tone as a locker room of guys snapping towels. “Men walk in needing a challenge,” says Judith Lasater, who has authored six yoga books during her 35 years as a teacher. “Women often come to the mat seeking refuge.”

I read this article in Yoga Journal hope you found it as interesting as well.

I own a Shala in Mexico & it has been a challenge 2 get male yogis to practice but the beauty of it is that once they start practicing they come in just to stretch & get out with so much more.

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